About Nevada Manufacturers Association

Established in 1980, Nevada Manufacturers Association (NMA) is a 250-member, 501(c)(4) organization that represents the interests of the roughly 3,000 small, medium, and large manufacturing and warehousing businesses around the state. NMA provides its members with leadership, discounted benefits programs, and opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange and collaboration with other manufacturers in the state and around the country through its network.

Our mission is to promote and maintain a business climate that’s favorable to manufacturing in the state. NMA is dedicated to ensuring that Nevada’s manufacturing industry can remain economically competitive with other states and in the international marketplace. The association works on behalf of the state’s manufacturers to grow the sector, advocate for manufacturer-friendly business policies in the state, educate Nevadans and our government officials about the important role manufacturing plays in the economy, and contribute to the economic growth of the state.

Manufacturing in Nevada

Nevada was built on manufacturing. Since the earliest days of silver mining, Nevada has had a rich heritage of innovation, and it has been fertile ground for a dynamic manufacturing sector. Nevada’s manufacturers have produced everything from solar panels to slot machines, war munitions to battery fluid, adhesives to candy, pet food to drinking fountains.

Nevada continues to attract and grow high-tech, high-performance manufacturing operations. Today, Nevada is a recognized leader in the alternative energy, aerospace, defense, logistics, and distribution industries, in particular.

Manufacturing is the largest income generator of any economic sector, with each manufacturing job generating four new jobs for the surrounding community. A thriving manufacturing industry is central to Nevada’s economic diversification, its job creation, its competitiveness on a global scale, and its overall economic health.

Manufacturing comprises roughly 20 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and has since WWII.