NMA’s primary goal is to help manufacturers like you grow and prosper. Membership supports our efforts. Through the partnerships we’ve forged with leaders and organizations in our community, we are committed to strengthening manufacturing in Nevada, and the quality of its workforce, in order to benefit the state’s economy.

By investing to become a member of NMA, you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Effective advocacy and lobbying at the state and national level
  • Competitively priced insurance, workers’ compensation, and employee benefit programs
  • Valuable peer-to-peer exchange with other manufacturers within the state and with the National Association of Manufacturers
  • Access to important news and information about key issues affecting manufacturers in the state

Membership Rates

Nevada Employees Rate
0-10 $250
11-25 $400
26-50 $600
51-100 $800
101-250 $1000
251-500 $1250
501-750 $1500
751-1500 $2000
1501+ $2500

Membership Form

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  • Contributions or gifts to NMA are not tax deductible based on the changes in the 1997 Clinton Budget Act and the corresponding changes it made to limit lobbying activity by business and trade associations.